Saturday, September 25, 2010

my life now

it's been a rough three months since I wrote anything here!

and i've become so different! all over again!

it amazes me how i'm constantly changing, my feelings, my tastes, my opinions...

i really am unsure it that's good or bad!

well right now,

i like the fact that work is getting very interesting and fulfilling! so i'm happy there, tho i strongly feel that there is no gender equality, so that bothers me...

in addition, i've been taken on full board to join MNO Solutions I am actually the managing director, and life has not been easy !

I cannot believe i almost cried when i found out that we were losing 3 students!

But then from that experience i learnt that, you've gotta accept it, move on and look for new grass.

Working on that now, and feel a lot better too!

i've started hanging out by myself a lot more now, and it's not as daunting as it seems! I'm actually liking it! just that sometimes i have nothing to talk to my self about! hahahJust kidding!

But yeahhh it's fun, i've met a lot of people! it's been great! not easy, but great!

the best part is, you can do whatever you want whenever!

so i really like that...

i think i've become more fit! i can do yoga, well atleast bend backward!

and it really is a great achievement for me, and it makes me supremely happy!

and i've come to terms that right now, i can't afford a holiday or any form of travel (time & money) but it really is fine,

i'm giving my self time till my sister comes back from UK, then i'm totally packing my bags and running away! can't wait...

and i love all the people i'm surrounded by,

my friends, they're just awesome, i am truly blessed ot have such friends
and family too! ever since my bro n sis have left the house, i've become closer with mum n dad,

i like that too...

only thing i need ot work on right now is my sense of tactfulness... if that's even a word!

i have to learn to say no in a way that people don't even know they're being said no to!

kay byeeee

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Running Away

Today morning, oh wait, afternoon, after I woke up, I went downstairs to read the news paper.

Boy was that the biggest mistake for the day!

I read news about a lot of despair, corruption, disasters, religious extremists, Malaysia's stupid political parties etc.

The only good thing that brought a smile to my face was a recap on Julia Gillard's journey to becoming Prime MInister and the match of the day! England Vs. Germany!

So whilst I was reading all that ngativity, I was already in my head thinking of a backup plan. Thinking of which other coutry could I buy property and perhaps settle there.

But then, isn't that just being cowardice and running away?

So now I have to do something, something to fix our corrupted country.

Just need to start working on a strategy.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Life story

This one, I would like to dedicate for a very special friend of mine. I actually got it from Robin Sharma's book "Who Will Cry When You Die".

My Friend;
Well, I've aways had a soft spot for her, right from the first day I met her.

So here's to you my Dear dear Friend.

One of the most wonderful things about time is the fact that you cannot waste it in advance. No matter how much time you have squandered in the past, the next hour that comes your way will be perfect, unspoiled and ready for YOU to make the very best of it. No Matter what has happened to you in the past, your future is spotless. Realise that every dawn brings with it the corresponding opportunity to begin a completely new life. If you so chose, tomorrow can be the day that you start getting up earlier, reading more, exercising, eating well and worrying less and even being happier (this I have added on my own). As author Ashleigh Brilliant has observed, "at any moment I could start being more of the person I dream to be- but which moment should I chose?"

No one is stopping you from opening your journal and on a blank page, rewriting the story of your life. This very minute, you can decide the way you would like to unfold, change the central characters and create a new ending. The only question is will YOU chose to do so?

Remember, it is never too late to become the person you have always wanted to be.

I hope this helps you, in wanting to start over. What ever you want to be, I'm right here.

Good Luck to you!

RM 800 MIllion palace

What person in the right mind can accept suck a gift, knowing that there are people in their country not getting the best out of life.

Not getting the proper education.

Elderly being abandoned with no where to go but the streets, begging for a living.

Communities being left out while th rest of the country develops.

Infrastructure that does not lead to enough growth of the economy.

Public transport that can be made better.

To me,
anybody who accepts such an expensive gift (while knowing the above) is just selfish.

And i'm sure he can't not know the above considering that he is the king!

I'm just so disgusted.

Not to mention that it's all taxpayers money.


And now, reading this makes me more sick.

What a way to start the morning.

I just need to do something. I feel stupid for not being able to stop the ridiculousness.

So if ure reading this and feel the same way to, please contact me, and I'll be more than willing to contribute my help.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Don't we waste it?

Time is so precious, once it's gone, you definetly can't get it back.
Today, I wasted it, when I got stuck in the rain, after lunching with the Hoe. I was stuck at the LRT. It was pouring heavily, so I couldn't walk to my office. The moment I knew it, I thought, why not I take the LRT go to KLCC, post my letters and come back (cos I wouldn't get wet there and back)
But of course, being cautious, I thought, what if the rain suddenly stopped while I was on the way to KLCC, (the Hoe suggested suddenly taking the train back to my office =.=).

Hence I decided against going there and stood at the Dang Wangi LRT foyer, giving directions to lost tourists :D

By the time the rain stopped, I knew, that I could have just taken the train to KLCC and back. If only I didn't doubt my thought.

I have realised, that when a thought occurs to you, you should just do it. Cos when you stop to think about it, you're just wasting time.
I didn't waste all the time there in the LRT, I gotta to smell the rain, see the rain fall and of course; help tourists!

So I guess it wasn't so bad. But still I could have made better use of it. Oh well, it's gone, there's no point dwelling in the past.


Ps: I'd like to dedicate this to my fliend Padmini, a person I can talk just about anything and get an honest feed back. you have definitely been a great fliend minii!
Heart you!
Why I'm being nice to her you ask?
Hehe, she made me this beautiful piece of art, and it was very thoughtful of her (although I think she had too much time =D)

Pps: Leaving to Beijing on Monday night!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days, and I just couldn't wait for a better key board to type this, I have to do this now!
I just got of a "scooty ride" with my much little-er cousin and rushed here!
Being on holiday gives me time to read, think and reflect. And I've done a lot of that lately. Enjoying it in fact!

We all have exectations of other people. i don't know bout You, but I sure do, a lot.
And I realised, that this is not right. Cos when I do, I just end up getting dissapointed.
But I'm confused, if you have expectations of somebody, does it not mean that you know that person well enough to know what to expect of them?
If so, when they don't meet your expectations, is it that you don't know them well enough or you're expecting too much?

Anyhow, from today, I've decided that I shan't expect anything anymore. I'm pretty sure it would hurt a lot less.
I reckon it's the same concept as giving without expecting anything in return.
Maan, life's complicated and kinda unfair!

Anyways, the last few days here of doing nothing and reading has been awesome! Can't wait to go back tomorrow to the hectic world again!
Will post pictures soon!
Ps: I tried riding that scooty a.k.a Motorbike, and I crashed a gate. Oopsie! Anyways, bestie calling! gotta go!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

23 Yrs Old


I'm THAT old.

I'm in India now, and it's such a bizarre experience. I still can't believe that I put up with this country only 4 years ago for 2 years when I was studying here.

India is still a long waaaay from reaching it's full potential.
Yes, I don't deny that it is rich in culture, but, somethings really have to change and one can't keep falling back on culture as an excuse to avoid change.

Once I get a better keyboard, I would like to discuss on the following:

1. People
2. Women
3. Men
4. The government
5. The transport system

Will be updating this list when the topics come to mind...


Happy Birthday to me!

I'm still olddddd